The Judgement Index

Cliché or not, your people are the greatest asset of your organisation.

So, you need to know who the right people are.

When you select and retain the right people, develop and promote the right people, motivate and mentor the right people, the right people will drive your organisation forward to achieve your objectives, success and growth.

So, how can you recognise the right people? Well, it’s certainly not all about skills and qualifications; you also need to measure their values and capacity for good judgement, because these things determine how effectively they put their knowledge and skills to use.

The Judgement Index™ is the world’s original and best values based assessment tool and has no equal when it comes to identifying and developing the right people.  Established in the early 1970’s from decades of research by Nobel Prize nominee Dr Robert S Hartman, the Judgement Index has been integrated into forward thinking organisations long before “values” became a buzzword.

It is one of the most highly mathematical, scientific and logically-based assessment instruments ever created, and no other values based assessment comes close to it in terms of depth and sophistication. It empowers you to measure the value system and the judgment capacity and capability of an individual – and does so with unswerving accuracy.

To date, the Judgement Index™ has delivered multi-million pound benefits to myriad organisations worldwide.  Great gains and bottom line profits have been made by organisations involved in manufacturing, health care systems, sports, insurance, construction, government, military, recruitment, security, banking, and food service.  

Why not see what the Judgement Index™ can do for your organisation? Click though to your sector to find out more.

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